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Xco Latin By Jackie® is a group fitness class that mixes Latin Rythms with Athletic Movements using XCO TRAINER.  Burn 39% more calories than your normal group fitness class. They are designed to work and invigorate the entire body with special emphasis on the core and achieving results quickly. 

The result is the most extraordinary, dynamic and FUN group class workouts on the market. Xco Latin by Jackie® is where functional training meets fun. 

ANYONE CAN TAKE THIS CLASS, you determine your intensity.

Why Flexibar?

Flexibar (and Abs Solution) is a 50 minute group workout designed to help strengthen and shape your entire body. Using vibration training techniques, Flexibar we will work to increase your strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. This is a great routine for all fitness levels proven to improve back health and optimize your stability! 

*BOTH Xco Latin by Jackie and Flexibar are APPROVED BY: AFAA, NASM AND ACE

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